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Why have a baby nest?

Your baby is growing contentedly in your tummy, and you are sure to have a lot of questions in your head about what you need and what is unnecessary to buy in your kit.

Let's take a look at the topic of the nest for the crib.

It is no coincidence that nesting boxes for babies are experiencing great success and popularity among mothers all over the world. It's not just a fashion hit.

Did you know that the baby nest was invented by medical personnel who were helping to handle premature babies?

The nest has innumerable advantages both for the baby, who are happier and calmer thanks to them, and for the mother, who eases the difficult beginnings with the arrival of a new family member.

We have summarized the main advantages in 7 points:

1. facilitates the baby's adaptation to the new world

The arrival of a baby in our world from a comfortable and cozy tummy is a big change. He was used to a warm and tight environment for nine months, and suddenly he is surrounded by a large boundless space. Every baby has the so-called Moro reflex by approximately three to four months, it is a sudden and symmetrical movement of the hands up and to the sides. In the mother's belly, he always hits the uterus, but after birth, he waves his hands into the free space, which is new and unfamiliar to him, and then cries.

But when his little hands bump into the soft border of the nest, it's something he already knows from the womb and he calms down. That's why babies sleep better and better in a nest.

2. facilitates the transfer of the baby to its own bed

Have you been letting your baby sleep in the same big bed with you and it's time to teach him to sleep in his own crib? It will go better with the nest. Again, the important feeling of safety and a familiar environment, which is so essential for a baby, will play a major role. Since he knows the nest, it won't be such a big change for him.

3. the nest will provide the baby with a familiar space outside the home

The nest for the baby will also serve you well during the weekend at grandma's or on vacation. Babies are very perceptive, more than we think. They remember smell, touch, sound and other senses very well. Your baby will recognize the familiar feeling of the bassinet, helping them fall asleep easier and sleep more peacefully, wherever and whenever you are. Nests for babies provide a familiar space for sleeping in an otherwise new and unfamiliar environment for them.

4. shared moments

The nest is an ideal way to be close to your baby and at the same time with your family or friends. Thanks to the nest, you can have your baby with you at any time, wherever you go - it can be placed on the sofa, on the table, on the floor in the room or outside.

In the safety of the protective guardrails, he can lie on the couch with others and you can enjoy his presence together. The baby will be safe and you at peace. There is no need to constantly carry it on your hands. As soon as the baby falls asleep, transfer the pacifier in the nest directly to the crib.

5. practical helper during exercise

The nest will also help you jump back into exercise mode. If you are going to do a series of squats and push-ups, take the nest with the baby where you can easily see him. So you can practice your training in peace and the baby will remain under your supervision and safe.

6. a sense of calm for you too

But the nest will also ensure a more restful sleep for you, if you sleep with the baby in the same double bed. This is either the fear of breeching or the baby falling. The guardrails of the nest ensure this desired feeling of peace for everyone.

7. grazing hobbies

Pasture, i.e. placing the baby on the tummy, helps to strengthen the back and neck muscles and proper psychomotor development from a certain age of the baby.

Once your little one starts trying to see the world in the tummy position, a few times it just doesn't work out. To begin with, it may not be stable enough to balance safely. When the baby rolls over during grazing, the guardrails keep it in the nest and, most importantly, it rolls safely into the soft. The nest can also be used as a play blanket for the baby, or you can also use it as a changing table.

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