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How to choose a nest?

The perfect kit for a baby should include a nest, but how to choose the right one? The nest is made in beautiful designs and colors, so you will definitely choose one that you will fall in love with at first sight. You can also match the baby nest nicely with other great helpers for your start with a new member of the family, and that is without a doubt a feather swaddle. Your baby gear should be functional, but these days it will also be beautiful.


There are two essential sizes, labeled Newborn and Maxi. Individual brands differ by centimeters, which is not so important that you make a mistake when choosing.

Most of the Newborn nests are in the collapsed form: 88x55 cm, mattress dimensions 70x27 cm, and in the permitted state: 97x60 cm.


Considering that the nests are intended for babies, the utmost attention should be paid to the choice of material. Nests from the Czech brand enie baby are hand-sewn with maximum precision from 100% cotton satin or in the version where the inner part is made of 100% cotton satin, the outer part is made of artificial Velvet.

Hollow anti-allergic fiber is used as a filling, which is light and breathable.


Another important point to choose is maintenance. Why have a nice little nest if I can't wash it?

The enie baby nests have a hidden zipper, thanks to which you can remove the mattress and wash it in the washing machine at 30°C.

Equipment tip

You can complete the nests in the same design with a feather swaddle, guardrails and bedding. Or choose the whole set, i.e. a 3-piece set for the crib, which you can complete with, for example, a wooden teether or a pet. In addition, you will find caps, turbans and headbands for babies in the same design.

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